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Stitched Erosion Control Blankets

Charankattu Stitched Erosion Control Blanket  is 100% Coir  fibre stitched together  on both sides with a  photodegradable PP or jute netting on both sides. They are mainly applied to protect highly endangered areas exposed to rapid drainage.


  • Erosion causing energies are absorbed while offering instant 100% soil protection.
  • Can be laid in running water trapping sedimented fines.
  • Seeds and indigenous plants can establish from within and below the matting, generating a natural range of plants.
  • Mulching effect of the matting improves all-year round establishment.
  • Choice between medium-term reinforcement of surface root matrix or a totally biodegradable system.
  • Mats can be placed manually, often concurrently with the soiling operation. They are simple to install and especially valuable for awkward situations.

Net Options

The PP-nets decompose by being exposed to the sun.  Depending on the net type the time of decomposition differs.

-Standard PP nets                                                                             durability of about 12 – 18 months

-light weight photo-degradable PP net (not UV-stabilized)      durability of about  6-10 months

-Jute netting                                                                                       durability of about 10-18 months

-100% biodegradable Coir netting                                                   durability of about  24-38 months

stitched blanket jute
Stitched Blanket