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CCM Coir Logs are made from 100% natural coir fibre covered with durable coir netting or poly netting for additional strength. It is a Bio – Engineering solution for stream and lake shore protection and slope stabilization. They can be used in open drains to slow water velocity or be used in streams and rivers to produce natural wall of protection for soil. The natural product combination will support the development of plants in disturbed wet land areas. By the eco-friendly application of natural materials, we are able to restore nature which has been violated by other forces.

Normally CCM Coir logs are produced with a diameter of 30 cm, 40cm and 50 cm (12″, 16″ and 20″), with a length of 3 meter or 6 meter (10 feet or 20 feet). The log  is secured by appropriate specified stake and with 15cm to 20cm showing above the water level. For high embarkments areas with a variable water level, several CCM Coir log can be applied as a stack. This natural system will protect the bank until trees and other plant roots binding take over the protection.

Outer Netting can be 2ply or 3 ply coir yarn or poly netting. Logs are also produced with pre drilled holes for easy planting.

Available Sizes Diameter – 10 cm (4”) to 60 cm (24”) Length – 100 cm ( 3’) to 600 cm (20’)
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Coir Log